La Tomatina, a traditional festival of Buñol since 1945, tells the story that was created during the town's patron saint festivities by a group of young people who attempted to participate in a procession of giants and big heads what generated a battle of tomatoes.

The last Wednesday of the month of August is celebrated this peculiar celebration, that congregates to a multitude of people arranged to spend a good time of laughter and fun with tomatazos.

Tomatina Festival: Activities during the whole day

The day starts at 9 in the morning, in the town square, taking strench with the buns that the City Council shares. Little by little, the place is filled with people.

Before the fight, the organization places an enormous stick covered with soap in the end of which is placed a ham. The most intrepid try to climb to the top to get the prize, amid the general rejoicing.

Meanwhile, from the balconies are thrown buckets of water to the people who are coming to prepare before the battlere.

At eleven o'clock, the firing signal indicates the beginning of the fight, and at the end of the street the first truck loaded with "ammunition" announces its entrance with the horn. Those who go in the trailer begin to throw the first tomatoes.

At last, the vehicle stops and releases its load, that is when the crowd rushes to stock up with "bullets" and, in a few seconds, everything is stained red. One after another, trucks arrive with tomatoes, until the second shot that signals the end of the battle tales place. At that moment begins the hard task of cleaning with hoses the brave who have participated, who already think about la Tomatina the following year again.