Zurra is local wine and water festival the evening before in Requena, near to Valencia

This is wine growing country at harvest time, so we enjoy the celebrations in typically Spanish fashion. As well as the street party, fireworks, live bands and parades, the highlight 22:00 is a party in the bull ring where locals sing and dance and watch baby bulls chase locals and tourists around the bull ring. Many people consider the wine and water festival as the highlight of their La Tomatina tour.

Zurra wine and water festival

Zurra: Wine and Water Festival

The last Tuesday in August, just the night before La Tomatina, is celebrated Zurra, the Wine & Water Festival. It is a prelude to the popular Buñol festival.

The night of  Zurra is inside the Harvest Festival of Requena, during the last week in August. Being this popular party the most important point of this week full of activities for everyone.

From 22:00 until dawn, this Festival of Requena offers a varied show that starts on the bullring until the Zarra. At this moment, wine is distributed to the participants and even it’s thrown from the balconies. When this fun festival ends, it is the moment to enjoy the best live music to suit all tastes.

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