La Tomatina 2017 from Valencia Official Tickets

1 diciembre, 2016By adminTours Tomatina Festival La Tomatina Festival  2017, in Buñol, near to Valencia, festival one of the craziest experience from start to end and if you are planning to take part this year at Tomatina 2017 you will see it for yourself at the Tomatina festival. Tomatina festival is the biggest food throwing party in the world. All taken … Read More

La Tomatina Party Boat Valencia

1 diciembre, 2016By adminTours Tomatina Festival No Comments

Enjoy the best catamaran party boat, after and before Tomatina Festival without heights and go next to the sea makes it very comfortable and stable for navigation which will make you enjoy your holiday completely. Choose from our collective parties for groups, stag parties and single or the ability to create your own event exclusively for … Read More