We regret to inform you that Buñol City Hall, following the recommendations of the OMS regarding the current situation of Covid-19, has taken the difficult and painful decision to cancel 2020 Tomatina.

For tomatina.travel is essential the health and enjoyment of the festival in optimal conditions, so we exercise our responsibility by supporting the decision taken by the Buñol City Hall. We are in solidarity with the festival and show our support to the whole society that belongs the Tomatina.

We have always put all our effort into making sure that our customers enjoy the Tomatina to the fullest, so, you can rest assured that we will continue to support the festival and we are sure that the 2021 Tomatina will be one of the best in history.

For customers who have already purchased ticket for 2020 Tomatina, we will shortly inform you through our communication channels, of the process to be followed for the cancellation of tickets or their exchange for 2021 Tomatina. Please, stay tuned to our communication channels.

In this phase of confinement where the situation is complicated, we are confident that together we will come out strengthened as a society with a future that will surely be positive.

The countdown to 2021 Tomatina begins, in which our 75th + 1 anniversary will be celebrated in an even more special way.

We are waiting for you!